The Shtrumpf dream began by two young scouts who graduated from high school together. They decided to have a bright future by creating new ideas that would blossom into a healthy business.

On May 20, 1984 the first "Shtrumpf" Caravan was launched, and business spread its way from the beach areas to the mountain resorts of Lebanon.

Nevertheless, in order to meet the needs of a new lifestyle and growing clientele, "Shtrumpf" pioneered the FREE HOME DELIVERY service in the food market.

The two scout's Richard Farhat and Walid Sakr pursued their dream to become the today's shtrumpf chain that have three locations one in the heart of Ashrafieh Beirut, one on the Dbayeh marina highway and another overlooking the Jounieh bay.

Also, Shtrumpf delivers special events such as Beer Festival, cheese and wine nights, Go Green program and coverage of all major sports events that caters to all tastes.

We aim to share this magnificent experience by expanding throughout the Middle East. The future holds for Shtrumpf and the food industry promising opportunities and horizons.

We are dedicated to serve our guests with passion, a variety of high value tasteful dishes in a friendly and natural environment.